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Over 18 years of experience in the real estate industry that has included real estate equity financing, real estate development project management, land use consulting, property management, appraising and underwriting due diligence for most property types. 

I provide the following two real estate services;

1 - Real Estate Loans - direct private lender for most property types throughout the continental US. We offer very competitive lending programs, professional service and quick turnaround times. Lending rates will range from 4% to about 12% for most income property types and loan amounts to range from $100,000 to over $15,000,000 (this also includes equity participation for qualified projects). Origination fees are typically 2 to 3 points. We specialize in quick closings and an understanding of distressed real estate acquisition opportunities. Brokers are always welcome. 

2 - Real Estate Consulting Services - investor due diligence for both buyers and lenders, exit strategies, land development solutions, land use entitlement planning, building permitting, site planning and investment property valuation analysis and evaluation.

Performance and professional service are key elements to every project.

Specialties: Real estate investment financial analysis and real estate asset management, litigation expert witness consultation, land acquisitions, underwriting due diligence, market research, disposition and acquisition strategy, ad valorem tax negotiations, project and property budget formulation, land planning and zoning analysis, project scheduling and management, business development and conflict resolution liaison for public/private interests.




Investment Property Analysis, Underwriting and Land Use Consulting


February 2008 – Present (Over 8 years)

-Investment real estate consulting and underwriting due diligence.
-Land use consulting and planning
-Project entitlement management and consulting
-Tenant improvement planning, management and permitting
-Income property analysis and evaluation (commercial, multifamily, industrial)
-Highest and Best Use Analysis
-Property ad valorem tax appeals.
-Real estate litigation support - expert witness.


Private Real Estate Lending and Underwriting


February 2008 – Present (Over 8 years)

As both a direct private lender and fund correspondent we can provide a wide variety of bridge lending programs for most property types with loan limits ranging from about $100,000 to over $15,000,000. Our rates and fees are among the most competitive in the industry. With over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, I provide a quick understanding of the financing requests and expedient closings. Brokers are always welcome to contact or send their requests directly.


Hard Money Lender, private Money Lender, Private Equity Lender, Broker


January 2001 – Present (Over 15 years)

PHILIP MOORE INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL SERVICES LLC based in Los Angeles, CA. We are a Local Direct Private Bridge Lender specializing in Commercial Bridge Loans and Non-Owner Investment SFR's throughout California. 

Our company can be another alternative Bridge Lender for your California Clients when they can't get Conventional Financing or when they need a Bridge Loan because they are waiting for a property to sale, lease, 1031 Exchange, Probate, Business Purpose Loan against their current residence, etc. And they need a quick temporary loan or fast cashout. 

You'll find us to be professional, courteous and can get deals done with not a lot of hassle and quickly. Our Loans are underwritten in house and funds are always available.

Our Fund is a Solid Lending Source and has been providing Bridge Lending for the past 7 years. Call me for your next California Bridge Loan for your client.

Below are some of the highlights of our program


-Rates start out as low as 4%-12%, Fees as low as 1% on most deals 
-Up to 10 Year Terms, 65% LTV, 2nd's allowed, Cash-Out Ok
-Loan amounts as low as $10K to $7.0 Million and Higher on Case-By-Case Basis 
-No Appraisal Necessary
-Close in 1 week or less, All Commercial Property Types including Gas Stations and Agriculture 
-Rural Locations OK, Bad Credit not a issue, Properties in Foreclosure Ok, Asset Based Lender 
-Land Loans available in California. 
-SFR and Commercial Construction, Rehab Loans Available only in California. Contact me for more details 



Real Estate Investors


May 1999 – Present (Over 16 years)

My Knowledge in real estate starts at mapping a parcel to the sale of a finished home and everything that happens in between. Here we go again, real estate is on the upswing and builders are building! We are a Hard Money Direct Lender funding loans through private capital secured by real estate. The President and Senior Underwriter of PHILIP MOORE INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL SERVICES LLC, has over 16 years experience in the private money industry with a dedicated staff that has processed Thousands of loans. With a well seasoned team you can be assured that we will get your loan closed and that our investor’s capital is well invested and wisely managed.

PHILIP MOORE INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL SERVICES LLC specializes in underwriting and funding commercial, residential investment transitional financing, and construction loans, as well as writing of insurance papers.

Specializing in the following Hard Money Loans:
$100,000 to $15,000,000
Construction Financing - Residential & Commercial
Land Loans, and Land Infrastructure Development
Fix & Flip - purchase and rehab
Purchase Bridge Loans
Residential Non Owner Occupied 1-4 units - 1 to 10 year term amortized 30 years no pre-payment penalty

I will also be working with and helping people invest in trust deeds using existing capital or self directed IRA investments with returns of 6% to 12%.




These will be costs to originate the loan.  The costs will cover a variety of items paid by your private money lender, including:

Points—Essentially compensation to the private money lender for originating the loan.

Referral Fee – Sometimes covered within the points, but used to compensate others who may have referred you to the lender.

Underwriting, Processing, Document Preparation or Other Fees – Paid to the private investors, the lender who originates the private money loans, or to outside third parties to create the loan.   In private money transactions, the loan documents are more unique that in a bank transaction which is why you should expect these costs to be a bit higher than traditional bank loan costs.

Interim Costs

Throughout the loan, you will have costs such as:

Interest – Paid to the private investor on the loan at a prescribed rate for the use of the money.

Amortization – The repayment schedule of principal over the term of private money loans, if any.

Late Fees – Penalty incurred if there is a late payment.

Taxes and Insurance – Sometimes paid into an impound account, sometimes paid by you directly.

Advances – When private money loans are delinquent, the lender may advance against the loan for appraisals, unpaid taxes, foreclosure fees or legal fees.




·        California State Business License








I have been running this company for over now 18 years of experience in the real estate industry that has included real estate equity financing, real estate development project management.



Philip Moore is a Hard Money Lender based out of California with office address in Los Angeles, CA and phone number(s) 

(213) 295-5069

(213) 694-6117

What is Hard Money?

A hard money loan is a collateral based loan against a hard asset - typically real estate - and is often referred to as private mortgage or private mortgage note. Unlike typical mortgage loans, hard money loans are provided by private sources (individuals and small lenders rather than large government or Wall Street backed sources). Hard money loans are often used if a person is having a difficult time getting approved for a conventional loan. The approval process for a hard money loan is usually much more streamlined than with a conventional loan because hard money lenders don't have to follow strict institutional lending guidelines, and because they look mainly to the collateral as security for repayment rather than the borrower alone.

Hard money loans can be used for both commercial and residential properties and, since private lenders use their own money, they are able to create their own flexible lending terms that will meet both their and the borrower's needs. Another advantage of hard money loans is that they are typically closed very quickly and with little documentation. Of course, since these loans are usually “outside of the box” and higher risk, the interest rates for hard money loans are usually higher then with a conventional loan.

If you are having difficulty obtaining conventional financing, or simply need a loan closed fast with creative and flexible terms, consider hard money.

Will my deal qualify for Hard Money?

Although here are many different types of hard money lending programs, the following can be used as general guidelines for determining whether your deal would be appropriate for a hard money lender. Even if your deal doesn't match exactly to these guidelines, feel free to apply anyway. My hard money team will let you know if your deal makes sense for one of our many hard money lenders:

  • Loans are usually up to 65% Loan-to-value (LTV) based off the After-Repaired-Value (ARV);
  • 100% of acquisition/construction can be financed no problem;
  • Both residential and commercial properties are OK;
  • Low credit scores? No income? That's OK too;
  • We welcome foreclosure/bank REO properties;
  • Interest only and "no payment" options are available;
  • All loans must be for business or investment purposes (sorry, no primary residences at this time);
  • We can handle cash-out refinances of land or existing structures;

If you have any questions about your deal or hard money in general, please feel free to contact me, or you may simply complete the application below and either me or my underwriting team will contact you.

For immediate consideration, please fill out the loan inquiry below.

Philip Moore


Name: Philip Moore

Office phone: (213) 861-2785

Cell Phone: (213) 237-1430


Address: 968 Teakwood Rd

City: Los Angeles

State: California

ZIP: 90049